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Of pilgrims, Bermuda Triangles, and new-year resolutions: Now is a time to seek the strange, new, and unfamiliar

On a rainy evening just before Thanksgiving, I found myself in a dark kitchen lined with linoleum flooring. Here sat all the familiar signifiers of white-suburban America of a previous era, complete with a daily newspaper strewn across a generic wood dining table, a table that could have been purchased at Sears in the 1970s....

FLC professor: Life is all first days, back-to-schools, trial-and-error and reinvention

It’s late August or early September. I’m sweaty and I feel the blisters forming on my feet. Stupid college freshman, I say over and over to myself. Why on earth did you wear cute, impractical sandals and not bring a campus map? I’ve been going around in circles trying to find my way back to my dorm after some type of...

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