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Screw Insatiable – watch these coming of age tales instead

You’ve only got one life to live, so try not to waste it by watching Netflix’s new dark comedy, Insatiable. It’s the tale of Fatty Patty, played by Debby Ryan, an overweight, bullied teen trapped in the throes of a high school pecking order in which she is at the very bottom – that is, until she gets punched in the face, has...

Creepy podcasts to fulfill your true crime affliction

Some of my earliest memories involve me hiding under my covers convinced someone was coming to hack me to pieces with an ax as I slept, and casually asking my mother if someone was going to murder me.

So, yeah – you could say I’m a bit of a true crime fanatic. Nearly bordering on the creepy some days, I’d imagine....

Five angsty shows to cure your Handmaid’s Tale finale blues

I’m currently under a strict, self-imposed, all-black wardrobe policy to commemorate the ending of season two of The Handmaid’s Tale. The ending of this season brings up a lot of questions, not only about the show and what the future holds but, well, what about me?

What will I lay awake thinking about every Tuesday...

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