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Booze hounds, unite (on North Main)!

Any Zia Taqueria margarita fans in this strange little mountain town? Raise your hands.

If you’ve been lusting after Zia’s margs for the last few years, we have good news for you. You’ll soon be able to get those salty, sweet boozy amalgamations at Zia’s very own bar.

Known as Zia Cantina, this new boozy spot...

Food & Drink

Edible review: Cheeba Chews Sleep Time

One of the really exciting things about becoming an adult is every now and then you find yourself laying in bed for hours staring at the ceiling waiting for sleep to hit you. Instead, you’re laying there wide awake (somehow still wired) and thinking about everything from something really awkward you said five years ago to...


Sick of staring out the window?

Looking for a way to pass the time in and around Durango? Aren’t we all.

While the pandemic has kicked our social lives right in the crotch over the last year, it looks like we may finally be on a slight upswing. Things aren’t great just yet, but there are more and more socially distant events popping up to help pass...


Looking to try some new, local fare?

Looking for a new spot to grab a bite in Durango? Or, are you looking for a place that isn’t inundated by tourists year-round (yet)? You may want to keep your eyes on the old Zia Taqueria spot on North Main.

When the Zia North location moved to its new location at 2977 Main, it left a prime spot for a new restaurant in...

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Weird Colorado news

For better or worse, Colorado is a place that’s never short on strange headlines. In fact, some of the top headlines from the month of March include a cold case solved because of a can of Coke, a beef with the Nebraska governor, and a man peeing on a plane. We love you Colorado, but you weird us out!


The first rule of this taboo club is: There are no secrets

In our house we don’t have secrets — bad people tell kids to keep secrets-a topic for another column — so we have surprises! And what is more surprising than waking up one day to find gray pubic hairs.

Not only is sex taboo but aging bodies with sex get an extra heaping spoonful from the


Sex & Love

Let’s finish each other’s sandwiches

There’s nothing quite like a good sandwich, some soup, and a salad on a spring day. As a kid, I took for granted how delicious those types of simple food items could be. Sandwiches seemed boring, almost too easy. As an adult, I relish in them.

That said, my young self wasn’t quite off base with those feelings of...

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