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Album review: The Routes, “Dirty Needles and Pins”

The Routes, “Dirty Needles and Pins”

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New at Southwest Sound: Oct. 20

Oct. 20Iron Chic, “You...

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San Diego’s Abner is digging that rock ’n’ roll lifestyle

Perhaps best approach to making a buck in the pain in the ass music business is an honest...

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Blue collar rocker Matt Hopper’s been everywhere. Durango is next

It’s difficult to define, or even remember the idea of “home” when you...

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Album review: The Frightnrs, “More to Say Versions”

The Frightnrs, “More to Say Versions”Available:...

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Crushing intolerance and saving the world ... with extreme music

Bullet belts, brutal makeup, spikes, headbanging, and hulking dudes howling into mics –...

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Finding new music, from record shops to college radio, indie labels to the internet

It was 1985 when I discovered the holy trinity of record stores that sat throughout Montgomery...