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Love it or hate it: Disco

Love itOh my moaning, glitter Christ, are you kidding me?...

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These brothers don’t bicker & Elder Grown keeps growing

Band members bicker. They are co-workers, and if co-workers aren’t bickering,...

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Jake Padilla, on improvising in both music and life

Jake Padilla and I are having a beer together when we get to talking about playing guitar,...

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New at Southwest Sound: June 23

June 23 King Gizzard and The...

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Album review: Suicide Generation, “1st Suicide”

Suicide Generation, “1st Suicide”

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From Cannondolls to quilts: DGO’s weekend picks in or near Durango

Cannondolls bring Americana to Buckley Park Summer’s...

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Denver’s Hi*Beams bring hard, fast alt-country to the park

They are a band that mastered a lot of the sounds that people dig on around Denver, the Front...

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Album review: Jason Loewenstein, “Spooky Action”

Jason Loewenstein, “Spooky Action”