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All the stories that adamantly deny classification

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The creepy couch surfing host and the courteous flasher

My couch surfing host in Brighton, England, wouldn’t introduce me to his roommates...

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PHOTOS: Durango-ing in December

DGO contributing photographer Lucy Schaefer was Durango-ing last Saturday. She checked out...

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Get outta town: The Rex Museum in Gallup, NM

Gallup, New Mexico, is a blink-of-an-eye town. It’s shorter than a hiccup and half as...

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DGO’s picks in and around Durango

Pop-up gallery Oh heck yes, you still have time and...

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So you wanna adopt a pet from the La Plata County Humane Society?

Between 1,800 and 2,000 animals are adopted each year from the

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Wanderlust: Weary traveler sleeps on abandoned couch

My travel story is a bit shabby. It has the makings of a fine country song, or an enduring...

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PHOTOS: Noel Night in Downtown Durango

’Tis the season to ring them joy bells, search the skies for caribou, and get friggin...

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Durango street style: Pendants and paisley

Jorge Lucero, Jr. is the best dang barista in Durango. He slings drinks at the