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Workin’ on your soul by workin’ the pole

I don’t have the best relationship with my body. I’m not sure anyone really...

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Meow Wolf in Santa Fe: A walk down Fascination Street

The author L.M. Montgomery wrote, “There is such a place as fairyland, but only...

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“Do you have an appointment?”: Going to Planned Parenthood feels like a battle zone

Two men who appear armed walk toward my car. What does a gal do next?

The parking lot is...

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Anti-LGBTQ isn’t behind us: Why we still need Pride festivals

Before I moved to Durango, I lived in Chicago. I walked past a McDonald’s in...

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Yo, Durango, I’m Patty!

Imagine a low, dilapidated stage. A fog machine is workin’ overtime and there’s...