First Person

Cyle Talley shares Durango’s stories told in their own words

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Trump released an immigration test and I wanted to see if I could pass it

Grace Chang needn’t have told me that she is an expressive person – throughout...

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‘I don’t know why anyone let me do this.’

Last year, Taylor Lennox Irwin graduated from college, packed all of her things into a...

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Evan Smith, on style when it comes to business, classic looks, and pulling your pants up

Photographer Evan Smith is a soft-spoken man who chuckles easily. When you do get him talking,...

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‘Oh, I had cancer last year. What the f**k?’

In which Ani Casabonne tells us about being diagnosed with cancer during her first semester at...

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‘I love that place. It’s worth something.’

Shay Lopez has done just about everything that a Durango creative can do – he’s...

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‘That’s what life is all about: catching air on your bike.’

Banjoist and cyclist-extraordinaire Brendan Shafer tells me more than once during our...

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‘Start, stop, start, stop. And I’m sure we’re gonna die.’

Matt Hert has the timing of a stand-up comedian. As he tells me about driving in Ireland, he...

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‘This is what I want to share with other women’

Amy Schweim has a deep tan, an electric smile, arms that Michelle Obama would feel threatened...